Okay  -  onto part two of our topic; Innate Intelligence. Remember last month when we talked about the difference between life and death, how sophisticated your body is in monitoring its blood glucose levels, and the complexity of the human brain? And remember “Innate Intelligence,” the force that animates us and gives us life?  

We’re going to continue talking about this subject but before we do, I’d like it if you would watch the following video.

If you are reading this from the printed version of this newsletter and want to watch this video; you can do the following. Go to our website, click on “Media”, “Videos” and then “Alexander Tsiaras.”

At about the 1 minute, 20 second mark, the narrator made the statement; “…so perfectly organized a structure, it was hard not to attribute divinity to it….” That’s a very strong statement for a scientist/mathematician; giving credit to God regarding a scientific finding.

So what was he getting at? Let’s discuss what he was trying to explain to the listening audience.

Genes and genetics are the hottest topic in the scientific community today. The main reason, is that starting about 15 years ago, technology advanced enough that it became possible to map the entire human genome. The thought process was that many of our human health conditions were caused by the unfortunate presence of certain genes. If these genes could somehow be repaired or replaced then all sorts of health conditions could be irradiated.

But in order to repair or replace these genes, their position in the genome had to be determined. In order to do this, the human genome had to be mapped out. Thus began the National Human Genome Project. The estimated cost was $5 billion, took 5 years to complete and monopolized most of the nations supercomputers during the process.

The results were stunning, to say the least, because the project was a complete bust! Yes, you read right, the project was a complete bust.

Why? You might ask. The human body is constructed of proteins. Each type of tissue is composed of a certain type of protein. Because of the complexity of the human body, there are about 100,000 distinct types of protein. The purpose of an individual gene is to be a blueprint for a single type of protein.

Therefore, if there are 100,000 types of protein in the human body, there should be 100,000 blueprints or genes.

Unfortunately, they discovered only 23,000 genes! Where were the other 77,000 genes? 140 years of orthodox genetics was completely turned upside down. I’m not exaggerating.

As big as this discovery was, there was a discovery from this project that was even more spectacular. No where in this newly mapped out human genome was there any clue as to how these proteins are put together to make the complex structures of the human body.

Muscle cells (including the genes) are identical regardless of which muscle you find them in. A muscle cell in the biceps is identical to a muscle cell found in the quadriceps. Nowhere in the genes is there information on how many muscle cells are needed to build a biceps, quadriceps, triceps, Latisimus Dorsi, trapezius or any one of the other 640 muscles. No where in the genes is there any information as to how many of these muscles are needed or where they should be located.

Have you ever taken for granted the fact that you have 2 arms, that they are mirror images of each other and that there is one on your left side and one on your right side? Of course you have, so have I.

By extension, we can say the same thing about the rest of the body. Why do we have 2 lungs? Why are there 2 lobes in one lung and 3 lobes in the other? Why are there 2 kidneys and why are they located where they are? Why is there only one liver and why does it have 4 lobes? By now you’ve figured out I could ask a lot of questions about why the body is constructed the way it is.

Let me be very specific about this; no where in the genes (or anywhere else in the body for that matter) is there ANY information on how to construct the human body.

And while we’re at it, since the completion of the Human Genome Project, the genomes of many other animal species have been mapped out and the findings are the same. Not enough genes and no information on how to build the body.

To better understand this dilemma, I’ll give you an analogy. The way a house is constructed is through following a set of blueprints. For many decades, it has been assumed that genes were the equivalent of blueprints. Genes are blueprints, but not for construction of the body, but for the manufacturing of the parts that make up the body. In comparison, this would be like saying the house blueprints would describe how to make nails, 2x4s, sheets of plywood, glass (not windows, but glass), tiles, shingles, galvanized sheet metal; but nowhere on any of the blueprints does it give any information what so ever as to how to take these items and build a house! And to make matters even more confusing, you now have a pile of building materials, and not only do you not have any blueprints, but there are no tools and nobody to do the work.

So how does the house get built? And more importantly, how did you get built? Remember in the video Andrew Tsiaras stated “…so perfectly organized a structure, it was hard not to attribute divinity to it….”

The reason I’m discussing all of this is because of the relationship it has to chiropractic. Since its inception, chiropractic has been very adamant about the fact that “Innate Intelligence” is what runs us, heals us, directs the operation of all of our internal organs and muscles and basically gives us life.

In order to minimize any confusion people might have regarding this “new science of chiropractic,” the founder of chiropractic, Dr. D.D. Palmer coined the term Innate Intelligence. The term Innate Intelligence was meant to be a stand-in for other phrases such as “nature,” “life force,” “spirit,” or “God.”

It now seems that modern day science is agreeing with Dr. Palmer. Whether you want to call it divinity or Innate Intelligence, this is what first constructed us and then runs us.

Chiropractic does not heal you, never has. The focus of chiropractic is to look for and eliminate obstacles preventing divinity/Innate Intelligence from operating through your nervous system and directing your body into a perfect state of health. 


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